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Hostels are one of the best ways to save money on the road, it is better recommended then hotels if you want to save money and especially if you are traveling alone as there’s typically a social area where it can be easier to meet people while traveling and get a new friend.

In this blog you would know everything you need to know about hostels. The best hostels to stay in, how to choose a good hostel, best hostels’ booking sites and even more based on hostels’ travel experts advises and recommendations.

What is a Hostel?

Hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. However most hostels also have private rooms, just like a hotel.


What are the best websites to book hostels from?

There are a number of websites where you can book a good hostel from. has a large amount of properties listed on its website and has an easy-to-use interface, however the downside of using Hostel World, is the price. It charges a $2 service fee to book your accommodation, making it one of the priciest options around. has a large range of accommodation options with a good variety of cheap prices. displays results from Hostel Bookers and Hostel World, as well as a few other sites, and shows you who has the cheapest rates. also offers hostels at a similar price to Hostel World as it’s the better-known site and therefore has a greater number of listings. may be best known for listing hotels, but they also list plenty of hostels on their website, and at very reasonable rates. this website can be a good resource when traveling through Southern Europe. There is service charge for bookings with Hostels club and they also offer a Membership Card – this can be a good choice if you’re looking to get some extra discount.

Book directly from hostel website or phone may sometimes lead to get better prices, since the hostel would save the OTA commission anyway.

How to pick a good hostel?

Cheaper is not better

As advised by when it comes to hostels cheap is not better as super cheap hostels are often unclean, the beds uncomfortable, the showers dirty, and the pillows thinner than a supermodel. He suggests to pay an extra dollar or two for better and cleaner hostels.

Check out hostels reviews

Go through the hostel reviews on different sites and make sure that reviews are consistent on the different platforms and there is enough number of reviews to avoid any kind of manipulation or miss-leading, check the different reviews and try to notice if there in any certain issue that had been complained about repetitively to understand if there any common issues in the hostel.

Recommended Good Hostels:

Here are some hostels for the most visited destinations in the world recommended by the best world travellers verified by travellers’ reviews on

Country City  Hostel Name Travellers’ Rating Prices on Booking
Australia Perth Witch’s Hat Very Good Hostel Price
Sydney Wake Up Very Good Hostel Price
Austria Vienna Wombats Excellent Hostel Price
Belgium Bruges Snuffel  Good Hostel Price
Brussels Hello Good Hostel Price
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Lemon Spirit  Excellent Hostel Price
Bulgaria Bulgaria  Mostel Excellent Hostel Price
Denmark Copenhagen Generators Very Good Hostel Price
Estonia Tallinn Euphoria  Excellent Hostel Price
Tallinn Tallinn Backpackers Very Good Hostel Price
France Paris Generator Very Good Hostel Price
Paris Les Piaules Very Good Hostel Price
Paris St Christopher’s Inn Canal Good Hostel Price
Germany Berlin Generator  Very Good Hostel Price
Munich Wombats Excellent Hostel Price
Greece Los Franceso’s  Excellent Hostel Price
Hungary Budapest Wombats Excellent Hostel Price
Ireland Dublin Isaacs  Very Good Hostel Price
Italy Florence PLUS Florence Very Good Hostel Price
Milan Ostello Bello Amazing Hostel Price
Rome The Yellow Very Good Hostel Price
Netherlands Amsterdam The Bulldog Very Good Hostel Price
Amsterdam The Flying Pig Very Good Hostel Price
New Zealand Queenstown Nomads  Very Good Hostel Price
Portugal Lisbon Yes! Lisbon  Exceptional Hostel Price
Lisbon  Goodnight  Amazing Hostel Price
Porto Gallery  Amazing Hostel Price
Romania Brasov Kismet Dao Very Good Hostel Price
Singapore Singapore Footprints Good Hostel Price
Spain Barcelona Central Garden Amazing Hostel Price
Barcelona Casa Gràcia Very Good Hostel Price
Barcelona Itaca Excellent Hostel Price
Barcelona Kabul  Very Good Hostel Price
Barcelona Mare de Déu de Montserrat Good Hostel Price
Barcelona St. Christopher’s Very Good Hostel Price
Sweden Stockholm City Backpackers Excellent Hostel Price
Stockholm  Skanstull Very Good Hostel Price
Thailand Bangkok Bed Station  Amazing Hostel Price
Bangkok Lub d Bangkok Silom Excellent Hostel Price
Bangkok Siamaze  Excellent Hostel Price
UK London Green Rooms Very Good Hostel Price
London Palmers Lodge Very Good Hostel Price
London Wombats  Excellent Hostel Price

Hostel Accommodation Tips: 

Check out late:

By NomadicMatt

Don’t stay in a hostel with check out time before 10 am, there are hostels that check out at 11 am and some other may even check out noon.


By NomadicMatt

For not having lockers or charging for them is a deal breaker, You should never pay for security.

Common Areas and Activities:

By NomadicMatt

The best hostels are the ones that give travellers a place to hang out and socialize with each other and organize activities such as walking tours, bar crawls, BBQs, or anything else that gets people together. Therefore never miss a hostel with great common area.

Choose your room wisely:

By StudentUniverse

Female travellers traveling alone may want to pick a female-only room (offered at most hostels). Solo travellers may want to stay in sharing room while if you’ve got a couple friends with you, save a few bucks and book the larger dorm. Choose the best rooms whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Pick bottom bunk:

By StudentUniverse

It’s better to pick bottom bunk as they are much easier to get in and out and you can tuck your things under the bed frame and also help you charge your phone and other devices.

Adapt Hostel Etiquette

Group of Travel Experts

Follow basic youth hostel etiquette and avoid making enemies.

Use headphones in the room 

Don’t turn on the lights at night (use a small flashlight instead)

Never use something that belongs to your roommate without permission

Keep smelly food outside the room

Be efficient with the bathroom

Keep your area neat and if you have the top bunk

Prepare cloth for the morning if you are getting up early to not bother your roommates early.

Shower more than often

Don’t bring plastic bags as nothing is louder than a plastic bag

Wash your towels and clothes as are easily the smelliest item in any hostel room.  

Roommate relations can make or break your hostel experience, so put in a little effort and introduce yourself when you arrive.

Staff you should pack it with you

Group of Travel Experts

There is some staff you should take it if you are going to stay in hostel:


Hostel are not like hotels, they don’t provide shower and washing staff, make sure to bring yours.

Flip Flops/Thongs

If you don’t want fungus feet, bring your flip flops with you.


While hostels do have towels, they are generally provided for a fee, although it always depends.

Earplugs and head phones

You don’t want to annoy others nor do you want to get annoyed. Earplugs are actually always a good idea, not just only for hostels. Many guesthouses may have old doors and hotels are often located directly next to a busy street. You might also want some on the plane to rest, and so on. Pack ’em, you’ll need them!

Eye mask

It would help not only in dorms but also in flights

A small light

When staying in a hostel, you’ll most likely be in a dorm with anywhere from 2-16 other people. It’s important to respect everyone’s sleeping habits 

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