What Countries Will You Never Travel Again?

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“What countries will you never travel again?” this was a question on Quora was over 230 answer, we have reviewed all the answers considering the number of up-voting to come up with the countries that were most mentioned by travelers and up-voted. 


Egypt is perhaps best known for its incredible monumental architecture typified by the pyramids, yet 7% of travelers on quora don’t want to travel Egypt again especially Cairo. The main common reasons are the crowd, people are always after tips, it is not safe for females due to sexual harassment, beggars and street sellers are pushy.

Why not travel Egypt again?  Travelers’ Reviews

“The infrastructure is clearly very old – there is a lot of garbage around”. 

“In semi-tourist areas there was also a lot of catcalling and unwelcome advances by the many men standing around the shops”. 

“Egyptian officials are generally very corrupt”.

I hate their street sale style when they are following you asking to buy something”. 

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United Arab Emirates

For most people, the United Arab Emirates is the land of iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, city-sized malls, indoor ski slopes and palatial beach resorts. But to my surprise other people had different views, UAE was the second country on the list, since travelers mainly think  it’s over hyped, monotonous, artificial, expensive, high temperature weather and finally due to labor discrimination.

Why not travel UAE again?  Travelers’ Reviews

“There’s nothing really special about it and you need cars to get from one place to another. Dubai is simply a tourist trap”. 

“Too mechanical. All about squeezing money from one’s pocket”.

“Climate horrible. Not possible to do any outdoor activities by feet”.

“The whole city also feels fake and soulless, and the fact that you cannot even walk anywhere”.

“ How little effort was put into the quality of life the workers who built the city and instead how great of an effort was put into masking the city as a utopia”.


Thailand is an attractive touristic place, as it’s a country of history, country of culture, country of beaches, jungles and temples, however it seems that it has its downside as well. Since some travelers didn’t like Thailand mainly Bangkok due to crowd, some locals are searching for every mean to exploit and scam tourists.

Why not travel Thailand again?  Travelers’ Reviews

“Taxi drivers are so rude and scary, so many prostitutes in the street, and sex workers in every corner ,nightlife everywhere”.

“Thailand , specifically Bangkok! We really enjoyed Chiangmai and it totally awed us. But Bangkok, every other taxi driver tried to cheat”.

“The exploitation of tourists has reached fever pitch – which is a strong deterrent”.

“You have already said “NO” 3 times before a fourth one comes to you and with the same request, despite having seen you have refused all the previous ones!”

“You can’t sit outside a restaurant and have a peaceful meal before some approaches you, either wanting to sell something, begging or anything just to annoy you”.

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India is the country of diversity, culture and history, and although it is one of the best countries to visit based on travelers’ reviews, yet some other travelers didn’t like it mainly due to poverty and crowd.

Why not travel India again?  Travelers’ Reviews

“What I disliked about India most was the poverty”.

“As far as the eye could see people were sleeping on the pavements. They were literally sleeping side by side”.

“These animals, and many others were mal-nutritional and literally starving in the middle of a city”.

“So many beggars and crippled everywhere. After these three days I was starting to deal with the reality of the country”.

“India may well be Paradise or hell on earth, it all depends on the corner you decide to stand on at any given time”.

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Saudi Arabia

No surprise! At the end of the day Saudi is more a religious touristic country than an entertainment touristic one. However travelers think that Saudi is monotonous, boring and there is no much fun or entertainment.

Why not travel Saudi again?  Travelers’ Reviews

“Oppressive heat, humidity, and the understandable confusion of everything being in a different language”.

“There’s no reason to visit this country. The weather seems unpleasant. No cinema or any form of entertainment. The only fun things to do is eating and shopping”.

“I don’t like saying never, but I lived in Saudi Arabia for far longer than I should have and I will try my best not to go back there. It’s no place for women”.

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