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Who Was The Worst Traveler You Ever Have Met?

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“Who was the worst traveler you have ever met?” this was a question on Quora with dozens of interesting answers and stories…

Chinese Travelers

It seems that Chinese travelers had real BIG issues with many travelers, since most of stories were mainly about them.

One story was about Chinese group in Paris who were unaware of their surroundings. They were not using the foot-walk and had no sense of direction as well. They blindly walked into the path of a cyclist and cursed at him for not being careful.


Another story from Kayla, as she went to theater to watch Swan Lake ballet there were Chinese tourists lining up for the ballet, they kept pushing them back as they were attempting to get in front of them at the line. However this was not the end as during the show there were 3 chines tourists.

The Talker: who didn’t stop talking to his seat mate during the entire ballet.

The Sleeper: A woman snored her way through Swan Lake. It wasn’t the gentle kind of snoring either, but the sort of snoring that even Kayla could hear despite being 4 rows away from her.

The Photographer: the man in front of Kayla continued to take photos of the performance with flash. The first two times, the staff was kind enough to let him off with a warning, but by the third time, they threatened to fine him a couple thousand of Euros. Accordingly he began to film the ballet instead.

Lesson Learned:

Many Chinese travelers are good, however some have to be avoided. 

Annoying Traveler Family

Dylan MacIntyre was like many kids who used  to take the subway to school in New York, he had a decent seat however after a couple of stations a nuclear family carrying a huge load of luggage coming from La Guardia airport entered the subway so he was polite enough to stand up and allowed the family to sit down.

However, seems that this was not for his good!

It started by one of the kids asked him why he was wearing earrings, stating that, “Earrings are for girly-girls!”

He rolled his eyes, turned up the volume of my music, and ignored the nosy little kid.

Then the mother tapped him on the shoulder. So the conversation went like this:

Dylan: Can I help you?

Mom:  Where are your parents?

Dylan: Excuse me?

Mom: Your parents. I highly doubt they’d let you travel to New York by yourself.

Dylan: What makes you think I’m a tourist?

Mom: You have that heavy backpack.

Dylan: Ma’am, it’s 7:30 a.m. on a Thursday. I’m going to school.

Dad: -Whispers not-so-quietly to the mom- He’s lying. He looks like a stupid punk street rat.

At this point, Dylan basically clenched his fist and ripped his headphones out of his ears. As he scared the kids with his reaction.

Thankfully, an old Chinese man intervened and told the family in a very nice way, “Sir, ma’am, here in New York it’s polite if you just keep to yourselves.” Which got them to shut up.

Lesson Learned:

Learn whether talking to strangers is acceptable and also don’t talk about people when there’s even the slightest chance of them hearing you because you don’t know what people find offensive.

My Parents!

Yes, this was Elena Ledoux answer, however as she claims she was responsible for that. She was always harbored a fantasy about taking her parents to Europe as they lived behind the Iron Curtain their entire lives and never had an opportunity to see the world.  So she took them to Paris. Seville. Barcelona. Nice. Bodrum thinking that they would be happy to see some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Every morning she would get up and walk to the market to pick the freshest, most beautiful fruits and vegetables. Then cook really nice, light meals. Serve them on a terrace. And take them for walks and exploring.

Yet she was unfortunate as they complained incessantly about having to eat “grass” and not their usual meat fried in copious amounts of oil. They were grumpy and also spent most of their times on iPads.

Lesson Learned:

However, she had learned the lesson as she didn’t ask their opinion before traveling. It turns out they prefer cruises, because it’s all about stuffing yourself up and not going anywhere.




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